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Client scanner in instant messengers and social networks

Leadscanner – is a bot which analyzes messages in groups by key words and sends you a list of potential customers.  

Who can use it?

  • Anyone who deals with leads generation;
  • Marketing and support teams.

How it works?

Leads generation

Let's say you provide services on websites promotion. Telegram has a lot of subject groups having your target audience. The problem is that you can’t physically read all messages in these groups. Bot helps to automate this process.

1️.  You go into ChatApp and enter a list of key phrases. For example, “searching for website promotion specialist”. 
2️. Enter the list of all groups in Telegram, WhatsApp, VK where you want to search for customers.
3️. Bot collects all messages with key words and sends them to your group in Telegram. 

  • We call this group a “Basket of Leads”, you can call it your own way :)))

4️. You or your specialist write to a customer offering services.

All your team may be in a group with all found messages – that’s the way you can process leads even faster.


You can set up a bot not only for group messages but for direct messages too. That way you can keep track of negative feedback in direct messages of support team, and respond quickly. 

Bot benefits:

  • automation gathering of hot and target leads;
  • quality control of communication in chats.

Channels available: groups and direct messages in Telegram.

How to connect

Consider the example of a company for traffic, we will look for clients who want to connect advertising.

1. Join groups on your topic. Leads will be generated from these groups.

2. Go to Bot → New condition → Source monitoring

3. Choose which sources to search for keywords: groups, private messages.

4. Fill in the list of keywords that the bot will respond to. In order for the bot to search for all the phrases that suit you, compose regular expressions.

5. When searching in groups, a list of groups where you are an administrator will be displayed below, where search information will be sent.

6. Click on the Save button.

All messages on channels, in groups in which you are a member, will be sent to you in the group.

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