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Setting up roles and inviting employees

First, you need to create a role. This is necessary to differentiate the functionality, for example, create the "Operator" role and give access to chats. Create a "Manager" to assign Responsible. Then invite employees and give access to "Operator" or "Manager".

How to create a user role

1. Go to your ChatApp account and select "My business" in the left-side menu.

2. Click on the "Employees" tab.

3. Click on the "Role" button.

4. In the pop-up window, enter the Title of the role, for example, "Operator".

5. In the "Lines" tab, you can enable access to one, several or all lines. Select the ones you want.

If there are no necessary lines, check if they are linked to the company.

1. Click on the tab in the left menu "My Business".

2. In the "Settings" section, click on the desired line.

3. In the "Ownership" section click "Change".

4. Select a company.

6. In the "Chats" tab, set up access rights. To do this, move the sliders to the right position opposite the permissions that you want to assign for this role. Click "Done" at the bottom.

For example: in the column "Reading" you can give access to view some chats. The option on the screenshot makes it possible for the operator to read only those chats where he is assigned as responsible or where there is no responsible person.

7. In the Create Role window, click Save.

To edit a role, click on the Title of the Role in the "Employees" tab.

At the bottom of the pop-up window, you can remove the role by clicking on the Remove Role button.

Invite Employees

Now that the roles have been created, invite employees.

1. Return to the "Employees" section.

2. Click "Employee +".

3. In the pop-up window, enter the employee's Email, select a role for him and click "Invite".

4. After accepting the invitation, the employee will be displayed in the "Employees" section.

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