Setting up roles and inviting employees / ChatApp
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Setting up roles and inviting employees

Creating user roles

  • Go to your ChatApp account and select "My Business" from the left-side menu.
  • Click on the "My Business" button in the "Navigation" section.
my buisness navigation section
  • Click on the "Number of Employees" window to go to the "Role Management" and "Employee Management" sections.
employees and roles section
  • In the "Roles management" section, click "New role +", and specify its name in the corresponding window. For example: Operator Supervisor.
  • In the "Licenses" tab, enable access to the required licenses. You can allow access to one, several, or all licenses.

If the required licenses are unavailable, check if they are linked to the company. To do this, click on the "My Business" button in the Navigation section, and in the "Licenses" window, click "New License".

Configuring the rights of the Supervisor and Operator roles

When creating the "Operator Supervisor" role, enable the "Full access to chats" option. 

For the "Operator" role, select options, interactions with only some chats and click "Save".

supervisor settings
operator settings
  • Create as many roles as needed.
  • Assign the created roles to employees in the Employee Management section.
  • To remove a role, click the "⋮" next to it and select an action.

Employees Invitation

Now that the roles have been created, invite employees.

  • Go to the "Employee Management" section, employees of the created company will be displayed here.
  • Click "Invite Employee +".
  • Enter the email address of the employee, select a role for him and click "Invite".
employee role menu

1. The employee will receive a letter in the mail:

Invitation email

2. By clicking “Accept”, the employee will accept the invitation and redirect it to the authorization page in

3. The employee must authorize in Personal Account.

4. When registering via email, the user will receive an email with an email and password.

data for authorize email

5. Now this is an employee of your company and he will receive rights depending on the role assigned to him.

  • After accepting the invitation, the employee will be displayed in the "Employees managment" section.

Access to lines and chats ChatApp Dialog

If the roles have been assigned correctly, the controller will see all dialogs, be able to write to all dialogs, and view all of them.

supervisor example

The operator will be able to view dialogs and write in them only if he is assigned to the responsible or there is no responsible assigned.

operator example
operator example