Analytics of employee work with dialogs / ChatApp
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Analytics of employee work with dialogs

Dialog analytics will allow you to track important indicators:

  • the number of open, and closed dialogues.
  • minimum, maximum, and average time to work with the dialogue.
  • assessment of the work of the person responsible for the dialogues.
  • the number of unanswered conversations.

Dialog analytics help you evaluate employee workload and productivity.

Viewing analytics for working with dialogs:

1. Go to your ChatApp Dashboard and select My Business from the left side menu.

2. Click the My Business button in the Navigation section.

3. Go to the Analytics section on the My Business page.

4. Select a period for analysis.

5. Track the performance of each employee and total statistics on chats, messengers, response, and feedback time:

  • compare employee performance.
  • analyze performance.
  • evaluate the workload for each employee.


Messengers Statistics

Use statistics to expand your company's user base, for example:

  • Find sources of requests where the least messages are received.
  • Compare advertising activity and the number of hits through a specific channel.