Interactive tags for dialogs
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Interactive tags for dialogs


ChatApp uses interactive tags allowing to tag dialogs by importance/urgency, types of clients/leads segmentation, assign your own unique categories, it will help all employees to see changes in chats immediately and to work more efficiently with dialogs and improve the time of their processing.
Tags are displayed in the list of dialogs.

Tags dialog

To assign the tag, in My Account select menu Channels [Licenses]. In the opened list of licenses select the required one and press More.

Channel details

Scroll to item Dialog tags, press Add new tag.

Label Dialogs

In the opened window in the field Category, select the dropdown list to select the category and press Add new category. More than one category may be added, for example: Client type, Lead type, Urgency, Importance and add required number of tags for each category.
You may use text names for tags, assign color for text highlighting, set the sorting order of the categories.


Category editing window allows to change category name and sorting.

You may also use emojis in a tag name instead of text. Emojis may be copied from the messenger.

Editor Label Dialogs

Example of categories and tags:

Category Tag
ImportanceVery important ðŸ’¥Important🌟Medium  âš¡ï¸Not importance âœ¨
UrgencyVery urgent🏇🏻Urgent🏃🏻‍♂️Medium urgency🚶🏻‍♂️Not urgent👨🏻‍🦯
Client typeVip ðŸŽ–Gold ðŸ¥‡Loyal🥈One-time🥉
Lead typeHot🔥Warm☀️Heated⛅️Cold❄️

After assignment of all tags press Save settings. 
Now, when processing the dialogs in ChatApp Web, to assign tags in dialogs you need to press to a user picture and select the required tags in the opened window with a set of tags for each of set up categories: 

Categories with no tags selected will remain empty. 

After assignment of tags in ChatApp Web, your employees will navigate much faster in dialogs and work more efficient.

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