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Interactive tags for dialogs

ChatApp uses interactive tags allowing you to tag dialogs by importance/urgency, types of clients/leads segmentation, assign your own unique categories, it will help all employees to see changes in chats immediately and to work more efficiently with dialogs and improve the time of their processing.

How to create tags

  1. Go to the ChatApp Dialog
  2. Open the Settings

   3. Select Tags and click New category to create a category of tags.

   4. Click New Tag and give the tag a name.

   5. You can change the label color by clicking on the color circle to the left of the label name. You can choose the main color and then the shade.

   6. Open the desired dialog, click on the ⋮ in the upper right corner, and select Add tag.


   7. Select one or more tags you want to add to the dialog.

What tags look like in dialogs:


Search in dialogs with Tags

1. Click on the Vortex icon and select Tags.

2. All the dialogs with the selected Tag will be displayed.

You can select a few tags, but be careful. Only dialogs containing all selected tags will be displayed.

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