How to start and end a shift. Dialog distribution / ChatApp
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How to start and end a shift. Dialog distribution

Opening shift

In order for the responsible person to start or end the shift, it is necessary to switch the activity in the left menu:

  • The shift is open - it shows that the person is now at the workplace, and now you can make him responsible for the dialog.
  • If the shift is open, headphones with a microphone will be displayed next to the employee's name.
  • If the employee is online, then under the photo it is marked with a green circle.

- Shift is open, online

    - Shift is open, offline

  • Shift closed - inactive, not at work right now.

- Shift is closed, online

- Shift is closed, offline

Dialogue Distribution

Using ChatApp Bot, you can set up the automatic distribution of responsible persons. See how to do it here.


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