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Dialogue members

Assign employees to roles to respond to client communications more effectively.

Types of Members

Producer- assigns dialogues to accomplice.

Accomplice - assigns dialogs to responsible.

Responsible - the employee that communicates in dialogs.

Observer - views dialogs where is assigned as an observer.

Change of members

To refresh or add a responsible person:

1. Select the dialog in which you want to refresh or add the member.

2. Click on the icon next to the client's name.

3. You will see a list of all employees in your business, select an employee to assign to a role.


Filter by dialogue members

In the left menu in the "dialogue members" section, select an employee to view the dialogues in which he works:

Roles and rights of employees

See instructions - roles and rights.

Automatic Assignment of Participants

Bitrix24 automation rule - assign a dialogue member.

amoCRM widget in development.


Distribution of dialogues according to the structure of the company on the example of tutors.

1. New dialogues are assigned to the senior curator.

2. The senior curator distributes the dialogues among the senior tutors.

3. The senior tutor distributes the dialogues to responsible tutors.

4. The responsible tutor communicates with the assigned student.

Achieved goals:

  • Organization of the process of distributing a large number of dialogues in the main areas of study.
  • The curator has the ability to distribute all students.
  • The senior tutor can delegate the dialogues.
  • The tutor can work with his students.
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