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License list

Partners ChatApp buying and configuring licenses through their personal account have the advantage in available discounts and cashback.

Licenses are purchased and configured by the license owner. Partner provides ChatApp service implementation and maintenance services. The recommended service packages are here.


Customer registration

The user must be registered in the personal account.

To create a client - go to the "Clients" tab from the left menu, then select "My clients" from the "Partnerships" section.

You can invite by referral link through "Invite a client", an additional menu will open where you can copy your referral link.

An alternative would be to create a client yourself by clicking on the tab "Create a client", you must fill in the name, E-mail, and phone number of the client. In this case, the client will receive a letter to the specified email, with username and password. (If the letter did not come, check your spam folder)

This will also display all of your customers and information about them and their payment status.

Filter paid licenses

To check payments and line statuses, go to the "Clients" tab from the menu on the left, then select "Partnerships" - "Client Lines"

All licenses are enabled by default.

Selection of burning licenses. If you need licenses that are approaching the due date, then use the orange button "End date < 5 days". By default, the Burning License button is turned off, but if you click it, you only get licenses that need to be renewed soon in the list.


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