Duplicate leads and deals

Duplication of leads and deals on the Bitrix24 platform

Lead or Deal is the first stage of interaction with a client or a potential client, interaction with which can develop into a full-fledged transaction. A large company can have more than 1,000 leads in just a day, and it is simply impossible to keep track of all of them, which is why duplicate leads are inevitable - situations when the same potential client is entrenched in the database under different contacts, which significantly complicates the work.

Duplicate leads are created when a potential client contacts from several different channels.

When the lead has already been created, but the user starts a dialogue in Bitrix24 via @username Telegram with the same contact, a duplicate will be created - this feature is related to the work of Bitrix24 and is not an error.

How are duplicate leads created in Bitrix24 when contacted via Telegram?

When the client writes first

A potential client can write first through the Telegram messenger.

If the client number is hidden by privacy settings, then Bitrix24 will not recognize this number and will not insert it into the new lead card. When the same client contacts again through the same channel, a duplicate lead will not be created, since the “Messenger” field already contains a link to a chat in Open Lines.

When contacting a client whose phone number is hidden, only a link to a chat in Open Lines (Chat-Id) will be displayed in the lead card in the "Messenger" field.

A duplicate in this case is created due to different ways of contacting and possible mismatch of the main fields of the lead (phone number, email, company name, full name).

If, after contacting the Telegram messenger, the same client contacts the company already by phone number, and after the previous contact, the phone number was not recorded, then a duplicate lead will be created.

When the responsible manager writes to the client by username

When the responsible manager creates a lead and specifies username Telegram in the “Messenger” field, he can go to the “ChatApp” tab from the lead card and start a dialogue with the client by username.

If the client's phone number is hidden, and the manager re-starts the dialogue by username, then a duplicate lead will be created anyway.

The creation of a duplicate occurs due to the fact that Bitrix24 does not fix the username of the client in Telegram and cannot automatically merge duplicates by this field.

If the responsible manager, after the first contact via username Telegram, adds the client’s phone number to the lead card and then writes to this client in Telegram using the phone number, then a duplicate will not be created, since Bitrix24 fixes the phone number and links the second contact with the previous one.

How to avoid duplicate leads in Bitrix24?

When automatically combining duplicates, Bitrix24 establishes links according to the selected parameters in the lead card. The search for similar entities is carried out using the following lead data: full name, company name, phone number and email.

Enter the correct full name, phone number, email and company name, if these data are available. So it will become much easier to control duplicates.

Go to the CRM tab, select "Leads" and open "Settings".

Select "Duplicate Control", and then check the fields that will be used to search for duplicates.

In "Settings" select "Automatic search for duplicates" and set it to run at the interval "Every day".

More about automatic merging of duplicates in Bitrix24

If there are no intersecting phone numbers, email or full name among the leads, then the regular duplicate search tool will not give any results, like other duplicate search applications.


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