Purchase dialogs for WhatsApp Business API / ChatApp
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Purchase dialogs for WhatsApp Business API in your ChatApp account

WhatsApp Business API dialogs are needed to write to clients first. You can write to clients in 3 categories: Marketing, Utility, and Authentication.

1. Go to your ChatApp personal account.

2. Select the line with WhatsApp Business API connected and click "Setup".

3. A window will open in which you can see:

  • Dialog summary, available and used number of free and paid dialogues. 
  • The date of resetting the update of free dialogues.
  • Daily limit of dialogs usage.
  • Dialogue purchase menu.
  • Name of WhatsApp Business API account
  • The number to which the account is registered.

4. In the dialogs purchase menu, specify the number of dialogs you want to buy. The currency will depend on the country selected in your personal account.

5. Click "Buy" and select the payment method.

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