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Sending a message via Salesbot

To send messages through Salesbot, set up a widget and a funnel.

  • Create a new bot:
  • In the bot settings, select - widgets:
  • Select the widget ChatApp - Send message (Sending a message)
  • We select sending messages according to preset settings, specify the information:
    • License
    • Messenger (from available)
  • specify message template
  • specify a link to the file, for example, a picture - when sending a message with an image
  • In group - Choose whether the bot will write messages in group chats or not.
  • If you need to send a message to a specific user, enter the number or @Login in the Contact field.
  • If you need to write to the main contact in the deal, select: Main contact. If you want to send a message to the group where the main contact is, select Contact with group.
  • Save (upper right corner)

When you enter this stage of the funnel, a message with the image that we created will automatically be sent.

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