Setup and connection to Yclients

Setup and connection to Yclients

Instructions for connecting ChatApp integration with Yclients

  1. After selecting our application in the CRM marketplace, click on the install button:

You will be redirected to the authorization and registration page

2. By clicking on the registration button, a form will load where you will be prompted to enter data.

3.After authorization, on the main page, request a DEMO license by clicking on the appropriate button.

4. In the window that appears after the request, go to the license settings

5. Connect messengers to your account: telegram or whatsapp

6. After setting up the messenger, you need to specify the identifier of your portal in the license settings

All settings are done, try to send a message from YClients. If you need to change the priority of sending a message, this can be done in the intermediate account

    • Setup and connection to Yclients
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