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How to collect user subscriptions to messengers

You can set up a ChatApp bot to collect user consent for messaging. The functionality of the bot allows you to send users an offer to subscribe to the newsletter or unsubscribe from it.

How to enable the collection of subscriptions by the bot?

In your Personal Account, in the “Bot” section, select the Bot.

Create a New Condition → Subscription

Reply on subscription - this is the phrase that the bot will send when the client subscribes to a particular messenger. You can specify an appreciation or give any promotional code for using your service.

Reply on unsubscription - this is the phrase that the bot will send to the unsubscribed client. In this field, you can try to persuade the client to stay.

Command to subscribe - this is the command that the client will send to subscribe to the channel. You can set any word that the bot will respond to. After receiving a command from the user, the bot transmits the client's data to the server, where the user's contact is entered into the database of subscribed clients.

Command to unsubscribe - works similarly to the “subscribe” command, with the only difference. After receiving the command, the bot transmits information about the exclusion of the user's contact from the base of subscribers.

After filling in the fields for collecting subscriptions, click on the Save button. After that, the bot will start collecting subscriptions in a specific messenger in which it works.

How to track the list of subscribers?

1. In the left-side menu select “Reviews and Subscribers” and select “Subscribers”.

The subscriber ID is fixed in the subscriber's table; the number of the license that was used when sending the offer to subscribe; the messenger through which the “/Subscribe” or “/Unsubscribe” command was sent, as well as the status.

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