FAQ about Automation rules of ChatApp / ChatApp
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FAQ about Automation rules of ChatApp

Why doesn't the automation rule send a message to WhatsApp?

  • There is no contact or phone number in the CRM card;
  • The client does not have a messenger WhatsApp. A good solution would be to send a message through a channel - "personal Telegram". Authorization of the Telegram channel.
  • Unrealistic conditions are set, you can remove the conditions and restart the Automation rules.

How to find out WhatsApp Group id?

In ChatApp Dialog:

1. Go to ChatApp Dialog from this link.
2. Find the desired WhatsApp group.
3. Click on the i button in the top right corner, then copy the chat id.

In the deal card in Bitrix24:

To display the WhatsApp Group id field, you need to select this field from the list in the deal card.

How to find out the ChatApp account id?

You can find out the line ID in the list of lines in My Business.

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