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Pause block

The "Pause" block is used to stop the dialog for a while or to wait for the status of a message. This is useful when you want to remind yourself to chat with a client after some time or when the client reads the message.

By status

In this mode, the dialog will move to the next block only when the message gets the "Delivered" or "Read" status. Otherwise, the dialog will be paused.

There are no statuses in TelegramBot, so the "By statuses" pause will not work in TelegramBot.

When time expires

In this mode, the transition to the next block will only happen when the time you specify has expired. You can set:

  • seconds;
  • minutes;
  • hours;
  • days.

And you can enter the amount of these manually.

If you set a shorter time in the "Pause" block than in the "Auto-close dialogue" block, the pause will fail to run. The waiting time for auto-closing should always be longer than the pause.

Video tutorial

If you still have questions, we have prepared a video tutorial on Pause block.

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