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Buying a license

Payment options

Registration and authorization

Before buying a license you need to register in My Account of ChatApp.

  1. On registration page enter your full name, email and phone number. Press Send a request button.
  2. You’ll receive a password to the specified e-mail.
  3. Go to log in page of My Account. Enter email and password. Press Log in button.

After logging in to My Account you may change a password generated automatically with your own.

If you forgot your password, you might use a form for password recovery on log in page.

Buying a license

To buy a license enter the My Account:

  1. Press Buy a license button in the left menu.
  2. Select channels to be added to the license. A few may be selected*.
  3. Select a CRM for integration. One CRM system in a license may be connected for free.
  4. Select a validity period of the license. ChatApp provides up to 20 % cashback of the price when buying a license for a long period.
  5. Check selected parameters of the license. Press Go to payment button.
  6. Select a payment option and follow the steps required.

*After license activation, editing function (add/delete channels and integrations) will be available in five days before the license expiry. To start working with a new channel you need to buy a new license with required parameters.

Renew your license

To renew the license for all messengers, go to the Channels/Licenses section:

  1. Press Renew license in the relevant license card
  2. Select the number of months you want to extend your license for.
  3. Check selected license parameters. Press Go to payment button.
  4. Select a payment option and follow the steps required.

License expiration date will be updated within 15 minutes after payment.


Request a DEMO license

With DEMO license you will get a two-day access to My Account and all functions of ChatApp for free. 

To activate a DEMO license after logging in to My Account:

  1. Press Request a DEMO license button in the left menu.
  2. After processing of the request, demo licensee will be activated. Press Go to license button.
  3. Next you may set up channels connection (WhatsApp WEB and Telegram Personal), set up integration with CRM or work in common window of ChatApp Web and set up smart messaging.