Importing employees from CRM / ChatApp
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Importing employees from CRM

Set up a CRM connection to the company in “My Business”.

Go to Employees and Roles.

Click "Invite employee +".

And select "Import from CRM".

Import from CRM

In the opened window, select the employees you want to add to the company and assign roles to them.

employees from CRM window

You can set a default role and select all employees at once. In this case, all employees will automatically receive the assigned role.

Roles assingment in employee from crm window

If you need to specify different roles for employees. Add one, several, or all employees and assign each role individually.

assigning different roles

Click “Save”.

Employees will now be displayed in the “Employees Management” window.

invited employees

An invitation will be sent to employees by email.

How to accept an invitation and resend the invitation can be found here.