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About the bot constructor

You don't need to know much about programming and messengers separately to create a bot. Build one script in an intuitive interface, and it will work in all communication channels connected to the line.

How to open the constructor

1. Go to your ChatApp personal account.

2. In the menu on the left, go to the "Bot" section.

3. Click on the + to create a new bot or on an existing bot to change it.

4. In the "Editor" section, click on the "Use constructor" slider.

5. In the panel on the right, click the "Go to constructor" button that appears.

A list of scripts will open. You can save several, but only the published one will work, which will be indicated by the green "Published" button. If there are no such scenarios, the bot will not start.

6. Click on "Create Script".

You have entered the editor, try to create your first bot.  Keep in mind the rules of saving. And the articles will help you understand the functionality of the blocks:

Logic section: Start Block; Opening a dialog; Sending a message; Reaction to the phrase; Closing the dialog; Bot subscription; Assignment

Behavior section: Note; Dialog auto-close; Non-working hours.

The Constructor Interface

The ChatApp Bot Constructor has an intuitive interface, but you'll have to learn the basic functions to get the hang of it.

In the side menu on the left, there are blocks that will make up a script - a chain of actions performed by the bot.

A block is a separate action that can be configured by dragging it with the left mouse button to the workspace.

There are two sections of blocks - "Logic" and "Behavior". In "Logic" are those that can be combined into a sequence by connecting them together.

Click on the connection between the blocks to delete it.

The "Behavior" blocks are self-sufficient. They don't need to be linked with others. If the "Auto Close Dialog" and "Non-working hours" blocks are in the workspace, they affect the whole script.

At the top of the side menu, you can return to the page with the saved scripts by clicking on the "To Scripts" button.

In the lower right corner are buttons to control the scale of the workspace. You can also change the scale with the mouse wheel.

In the upper right corner, you can save the script by clicking on "Save". If you have done everything correctly, you will see a notification at the bottom right that the script was saved successfully, if not, you will see an error. What rules you need to follow to save a script can be found in the article "Rules for saving a script".

For the bot to use this particular script out of all the saved ones, click "Publish". 

The "Variables" button is currently needed to add employees to the " Assignment" block, read more about it in the article "Assignment block".

Copying in the constructor

The constructor has functions for copying blocks, groups of blocks, or even entire scripts.

Copying blocks

To copy one or more blocks:

1. Hold down the Shift button on your keyboard;

2. While holding down Shift, hold the left mouse button and select the area with the block or blocks;

3. Press Ctrl+C to copy;

4. Then Ctrl+V to paste.

Copying scripts

To copy a script, you must first save it. And then take the following steps:

1. Go to the list of scripts. If you are in the constructor, then click “To scripts” in the upper left corner;

2. Find the script you want to copy and click on;

3. In the drop-down window, click “Create a copy”.

If you have any questions, watch our training video:

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