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Questions and answers about working in Kommo


To communicate with the client, select the line, and then the Telegram messenger.
In the deal card, enter @username of the client instead of the phone number.
Example: @chatapp _online

Communication through the official WhatsApp involves starting communication with a template message.

1. Go to the lead, click on the number;

2. Select a line from which you want to send a message;

3. To open a list of templates click on the icon;

4. In the opened window select a template message.

You can write to the first Telegram user from Kommo by phone number, @username or client ID, which can be obtained when using the Telegram Group Parser.

If the messenger icon is highlighted in the deal card, then this user can be written to a specific messenger.

Yes, you can use ChatApp widgets in Salesbot (send a message, file, set a label, etc.)

You can determine the source of an incoming message using the Logic widget.

In Kommo, you can use group chats from instant messengers. A group chat from Telegram, WhatsApp and other messengers is created in a special CRM card, which allows you to use this card as a chat of a separate group.

To write via WhatsApp Business API, you need to go to the Deal, select a channel (license) and a contact for communication. Next, you need to open a window with a list of templates and select a template message to send.

  • ChatApp WEB can act as an alternative chat that is always available in case of a failure in the cmr system.
  • ChatApp WEB allows you to use chat tags for more convenient communication with customers.
  • In ChatApp WEB, you can create and use Quick Replies, as well as the Black List and manage the Bot.

When you try to send a message, an error will be shown, after which you can go to the duplicate card and send a message from the duplicate card.

Yes, there are several triggers from ChatApp for this purpose. You can set up a trigger to send messages by selecting the required license and messenger.

In the ChatApp integration settings, opposite each line, select the desired funnel.

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