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Sending automatic replies outside of company business hours

    1. Set up your company's working hours in the "My Business" section

    2. Go to your ChatApp personal account and select "Bot" in the left-side menu.

    3. Create the Non-Working Hours condition. Write the text of the answer, and the bot will send the text to the user who applied on the day off.

    4. In the text, specify the company's working hours, and the client will receive a corresponding message from the bot. That way the client will know when it will be necessary to address to you again.


If a request is received during non-working hours, the bot will notify about this, but if the employee continues the dialog, the bot will consider the dialogue active and when closed, the standard process with a notification and a rating request will work when closing.

Notification about non-working hours comes exactly once a day. If there are several chat sessions during non-working hours, there will be no repeated notifications.

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