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Paying the line from the company wallet

You can create an unlimited number of companies in "My Business". Each of them will have its own separate wallet. You can buy and extend lines from a company wallet.

Step 1: Top up the company account

To pay from a company wallet, you must first top it up. This is how to do it:

1. Go to your ChatApp personal account;

2. In the left menu, select the region by clicking on the country flag under your profile icon. The currency for which you will purchase the line depends on this.

3. In the left menu, select "My Business" section;

4. Click on the tab with the company name;

5. Click "Top Up Balance."

6. Enter the amount and click "To Pay."

7. Select the payment method "Robokassa" or any other method;

8. Make your payment.

If you haven't saved your invoice, you can find it in the company's Payments section. To do this, after completing the third step of this instruction, under "Payments" click on "Payment by order...". In the opened window, click "Request an invoice".

Step 2: Payment from the company's account

When the account is topped up, you can use it to pay for a line.

1. In the left menu, click "My Business";

2. Click "Buy a Line" or next to the line you already have, click "Extend";

3. Move the "Payment by company" or "Attach the line to my company" slider to the right, as shown in the example;

You can change the ownership of a line if you need to. How to do this is described in the article "Ownership of the company".

4. To the right of the slider, select the company from the account of which you want to pay for the line;

5. Select the line period. When purchasing for 6 months or more, you will receive a discount of 10 to 20%;

6. Select the appropriate communication channels;

7. At the bottom, click "To pay";

8. On the opened page, click on "From account of (company name)".

Done, you have purchased a line from the company's account.

Pay for several lines with a single payment

You can top up your company's wallet with one payment and connect auto-payment so you can make payments for several lines. This is how to do this:

1. Add to the ownership of all lines, the company from which you want to pay them. How to do this is described in the article "Company ownership";

2. Connect automatic payment from the wallet of the company to all lines.

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