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Connecting Telegram bot to the ChatApp service

To connect Telegram bot to the ChatApp service, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to the ChatApp page and enter your Personal Account
  • In your Personal Account in the Channels (licenses) tab and click the “Telegram-bot” button;
  • In the text field, you need to enter the unique bot token that you received earlier and click the “Save data” button. In the next step, you will be able to check the output of your Telegram bot;
  • Bot information will automatically be displayed (Bot name, Bot username, Widget link)


Features of the Telegram bot:

  • You will be able to send a message to a user only after that user subscribes to your Telegram bot;
  • Notifications about delivery and message status (Read / Unread) are not available;
  • Unable to get customer's phone number while chatting. Telegram bot does not transmit this data;
  • You can contact the user only by his id, which will be the same for each bot;
  • The file transfer limit is 50mb;
  • Telegram bot can delete chat messages, but there are conditions that are listed below:
    • A message can only be deleted if it was sent less than 48 hours ago;
    • A message with dice in a private chat can only be deleted if it was sent more than 24 hours ago;
    • Bots can delete outgoing messages in private chats, groups and supergroups;
    • Bots can delete incoming messages in private chats;
    • Bots with can_post_messages permissions can delete outgoing messages in channels;
    • If the bot is the administrator of the group, it can delete any message there;
    • If the bot has the can_delete_messages permission on a supergroup or channel, it can delete any message there.

The main differences between connecting Telegram Bot and Telegram Personal:

ConnectivityTelegram PersonalTelegram bot
Be the first to write to the client by phone number or @username+-
Receive incoming messages from the client and reply to them++
Connect group chats++
Create a newsletter for the customer base+only in CRM
Control statuses of sending and delivering messages+-
Collect contacts from Telegram groups+-
Integrate Telegram into CRM++
Connect Robots to Bitrix24 and Salesbot to AmoCRM++
Use contact database phones or @username+-