Obtaining UTM tags using the Bitrix24 widget / ChatApp
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Obtaining UTM tags using the Bitrix24 widget

With UTM tags, you can determine the exact page on your website where a client decided to contact you. By understanding the customer's journey, it becomes easier to optimize your website and generate more inquiries and requests.

You can collect UTM tags using our widget, and you can also do it with the Bitrix24 widget. To do this, you need to generate a link and script, then install the script on your website and add the link to the widget.

The instructions for creating and installing the script can be found in the "UTM Tag Collector" article. Let's proceed directly to installing the link in Bitrix24.

Available communication channels for collecting UTM tags through the Bitrix24 widget: Telegram Bot, WhatsApp, Viber Bot.

1. Log in to your ChatApp personal account.

2. In the left menu, click on "Widgets".

3. Click on "UTM Tag Collector".

4. Select the created widget or create a new one.

5. Copy and install the "Script tag" on your website.

6. Copy the "URL" field.

7. Go to your Bitrix24 account.

8. In the left menu, click on "CRM".

9. Click on "Contact Center."

10. Select the desired messenger and click on "Edit".

11. Open the "Website Widget" tab and check the box "Set a custom link for the widget".

12. Paste the previously copied link.

Now, when a client transitions from the Bitrix24 widget to a messenger, the UTM tag will be saved in your personal ChatApp account. For more information on where to find it, please refer to the article.

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