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Setting up and using the ChatApp inviter

How does Inviter work?

The ChatApp inviter is used to add contacts to Telegram or WhatsApp groups.

  • You can connect your active account of one of the messengers and set up sending invitations to the group to all your contacts.
  • You do not need to use third-party services or applications for this. All settings are made in the Personal Account.

After setting up and launching the Inviter, invitations are sent to the selected contacts to join the Telegram or WhatsApp group in which you are the Administrator.

How to set up an Inviter?

1️⃣ Add a new Inviter entry

Go to your ChatApp Dashboard and select "Inviter" from the left side menu.

In the management menu, select Telegram or WhatsApp to create an Inviter record to send to one of these groups.


2️⃣ Select the time, start and end date of distribution to send sending messages

In the new window, enter the name of the new entry, select days of work, start and end date of distribution, time interval, and range for sending invitations.

❗To work with Telegram groups, we recommend using an interval of at least 20 minutes between sending invitations.

❗To work with WhatsApp groups, use an interval of at least 30 seconds.

3️⃣ Select license and group

Select the license with which invitations will be sent. If you select several licenses, then each will be sent in turn (1 request per license). You can choose from licenses that have connected Telegram or WhatsApp accounts.

Select the Group that users will be invited to (you can select multiple groups), then click on the "Upload Groups"button.


4️⃣ Add contacts to invite to the group

All contacts that you add to send invitations will be displayed in the table.

You can add contacts in several ways:

► Add contacts manually one by one - You can add contacts to send invitations manually by entering them one by one in turn.

Click on the "Manually add contacts" button, and then select the method of communication with the contact:

  • Phone number, @username, chat id - for Telegram;
  • Phone number - for WhatsApp.

Enter the contact details and click on the "Add" button. The contact will be added to the table.

► Load dialogs from license - To use this option, you first need to select a license in the corresponding field. All contacts with whom you had a dialogue from your Telegram or WhatsApp account will be added to the table.

Click on the "Load dialogs from license" button to display all dialogs from the selected license in the table.

► Add contacts from Parsing - using Parsing, you collect contacts of users of Telegram groups. This data can be used to send invitations using the Inviter.

Select a Parse group from the drop down list.

Click on the button "Load contacts from Parsing" and the table will be automatically filled with contact data from the selected Parsing group.

► Upload contact file - you can upload a contact file to send invitations.

Click on the button "Import from file".

  • Download a sample file and enter the contact details in the appropriate fields of the file.
  • When the file is checked out, click on the "Browse" button and select the file.
  • After uploading the file, click on the "Add" button. All contact data from the file will be displayed in the contact table of the Inviter.


5️⃣ Save the new Inviter record

❗️When all fields of the Inviter are filled in and contacts are added to the table, in order not to lose the results, click on the "Save" button.


How to send invitations using Inviter?

6️⃣ Launch Inviter

After setting up the Invater and saving the record, go to the Control Menu and use the function buttons. You can Start the Inviter, Pause its work with the option to continue, or Stop its work altogether.

“Play” Inviter with saved settings.

“Suspend” sending invitations with the option to continue.

“Stop” sending invitations.

After launch, Invater will start sending invitations to the group to the selected contacts.

The progress of the Inviter is displayed in the “Status” column. When the submission is completed, the status “In Progress” will change to the status “Progress Completed”.

⏺ Editing the Inviter's entry

When sending invitations is finished or stopped, you can make Changes to the Inviter's entry, View status of sending invitations, or Delete the selected entry.

  “Editing” the Inviter entry to add contacts and other changes.

“Delete” Inviter entry.

“View Status” of sending invitations.

The results of sending invitations are displayed on the right and are divided into:

  • Total number of requests - the number of invitations that needed to be sent.
  • Number of completed requests - number of invitations that were successfully sent.
  • Number of failed requests - number of invitations that could not be sent.
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