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Channels connection status

On the My Business page, each line displays the channel connection statuses.

1. Go to your personal account.
2. Open the "My Business" section in the left side menu.
3. Pay attention to the channel icon in the active line.

  • Bright icon - connected
  • Dull and semi-transparent icon - not connected.


Where the channel is connected to

On the same page, you can conveniently check the phone number or @username to which the messenger is connected. To do this, hover over the messenger icon. A window with information on the connected account will appear near the cursor.

[video-to-gif output image]

If nothing happens when you hover on the channel and the messenger icon is dim and semi-transparent, connect the channel.

Connect WhatsApp WEB.
Connect WhatsApp Business API.
Connect Telegram.
Connect Viber.

Connect link status notifications

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