Setting up employee access to lines / ChatApp
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Setting up employee access to lines

In your personal account, you can change accesses for employees: what chats they see, in which they can write, and whether analytics is visible.

How to set up access

1. In the side menu, go to the "My Business" tab.

2. Click on the "Employees" tab.

3. In the "Roles" block, click on the one in which you want to change the access settings.

In the pop-up window, it is possible to edit the employees connected to the role. Enable or disable the following options:

This tab displays a list of lines connected to the company. You can allow access to an employee to all lines, select several or only one.

You can answer the client using special pre-made answers. However, if there are many such answers, and the employee has to spend time searching for the right one, the answer will not be quick. Therefore, for each category of workers (roles), include a separate package of answers, and remove the rest from the list. It is also possible to allow editing answers.

In this tab, you can provide full or partial access to chats. Allow to send messages, as well as the ability of an employee to assign responsibility. Click "Settings" to see advanced settings.

At the very bottom, you can change additional settings.

Set the sliders as shown in the screenshot so that the employee can see chat analytics and company data.

You can view the list of connected lines and the people responsible for communicating in lines in the ChatApp Dialog.

  • In the left menu, there is a tab "Dialogue Members", with a list of employees responsible for dialogues, with lines connected to them.
  • The list of lines can be viewed in the corresponding tab.

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