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WhatsApp Business API Template Examples

There are 3 categories of templates developed for WhatsApp Business API in ChatApp.

  • TRANSACTIONAL - service messages
  • MARKETING - marketing messages
  • OTP - one-time password - welcome and status messages

Template examples

1. End license

Element name: end_license

Template text: End license

Hello,  {{1}} ! Please be advised that the ChatApp license payment period has expired.

License number:  {{2}} 

License term:  {{3}} 

You can renew your license through your personal cabinet, as well as connect automatic payment.

Telegram:  {{4}} 

Email:  {{5}} 

Best regards, ChatApp team! | [Renew license,cabinet.chatapp.online/newLicenses/myLicenses?lang=en]


Type: TEXT

Language: English 

2. Thank you for registration

Element name: thankforregistration1

Template text: Hi! Thank you for registration at {{1}}. Meeting at {{2}} at {{3}}. See you!


Type: TEXT

Language: English

3. Dialog Start

Element name: dialog_start

Template text: Hello! This is {{1}} from ChatApp. Can we arrange a meeting? | [Yes] | [No]

Category: OTP

Type: TEXT

Language: English


How to send a WhatsApp Business API template from the dialog