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Widget 2.0

Widget 2.0 is a service that combines 14 ways of communication in one element on your website. You can add messengers, social networks, e-mail, and phone numbers to the widget. The client will contact you in the most convenient way.

This widget can collect UTM tags. So you'll know on which page of your website your client has decided to contact you.

Widget 2.0 differs from the first version with its updated design. We've tried to make it more user-friendly for you and more practical for your clients.

How to create a new widget

You need to set up a widget in your personal account and place it on your site — then clients will be able to select a messenger in it and contact you. Here's how to do it:

1. Go to your personal ChatApp account;

2. In the menu on the left, click "Widgets";

3. On the opened page, click "Widget 2.0";

4. Click "Create Widget";

5. Add a widget name and description. This information is displayed in the widget list and does not affect the functionality.

6. Click "Send UTM tags" if you want the tags to be saved in your personal account or CRM system. Read how to set up UTM tags in this article.

To see a list of received UTM tags, click "Widgets" → "Tags".

7. Click on "Set Language" and select the desired language from the list.

8. Click on "Add Button";

9. In the opened window, click "Change". From the drop-down list, select a channel for communication;

10. Add a name and insert a link to your channel. Read how to set up a link for WhatsApp in this article;

11. Enter the text of the message that will be sent to you when the client clicks on the messenger icon;

IMPORTANT: The prepared text can only be set through channels: 



TelegramBot cannot send text, only ClientID

If you have enabled "Send UTM tags", write {clientid} at the end of the message, otherwise you will not be able to save the button. This is necessary to collect the tags in the CRM.

Read more about UTM tags in this article.

12. Click "Save";

13. When you have added all the necessary communication channels, click "Save" on the widget creation window.

Widget location on the site

You can customize the location where the widget will be displayed on the site.

1. On the Create Widget page, click Position.

2. Select a location for the widget.

3. Click "Save."

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