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Connecting automatic payment for line

Clients write to the company and can't understand why they don't get an answer, and you don't even know that someone is trying to contact you. The reason may be that the line is not paid on time. To prevent this from happening, connect an auto-payment service. Here is the instruction on how to do it:

  1. Go to your personal account;
  2. In the left menu, click on "My Business";
  3. On the opened page, click on "Buy a Line" or "Extend" next to the previously purchased line;
  4. Move the "Payment by Company" or "Attach the line to my company" slider to the right, as shown in the example;
  5. Select the company from which you want to pay for the line;
  6. Select the period for which you want to pay for the line. When purchasing for 6 months or more you will receive a discount of 10 to 20%;
  7. Select the channels you want;
  8. At the bottom, click "To Pay";

    9. Click on the "Automatic Payment" slider so it moves to the right;

    10. Click "From Account of (your company name)".

Disconnect automatic payment

  1. Go to your ChatApp personal account;
  2. Go to the "My Business" section;
  3. Click on the green "Auto-payment" tab on the line where you want to disconnect it;
  4. In the opened window, click "Disconnect auto payment".

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