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Features of the Quick Reply Editor

Quick replies help to streamline operators’ work, respond to customers more quickly, and create a knowledge base within the company.

Creating Quick Responses

1. Go to your ChatApp personal account, select “Automation” in the left menu;

2. Click "Quick Responses 2.0";

3. Click on the buttonto create a new Quick Response section;

4. Enter the section name, click “Save”;

5. Select the created section from the list;

6. To create a new quick response, click on;

7. Specify the name of the Quick Response and enter its text;

8. Save your Quick Response using the button.

Creating a folder

1. To create a folder for Quick Response, click on the button ;

When creating a folder, a new Quick Response is always created in it

2. After going to the folder, give it a name by clicking on;

3. Create new and edit ready-made Quick Responses inside the folder.

Additional features of the Quick Reply editor

To delete a Quick Response, select the desired reply and click on.


To delete a folder, go to it, and without selecting Quick Response in it, click on.


To format the Quick Response text, highlight the desired fragment. In the interface that appears, select the desired formatting settings. The text will immediately be displayed in the modified form.


Access to ready-made Quick Responses can be granted to other employees. For example, to a new employee in a department, so that they do not create an already existing Quick Response manually.

1. In the "Quick Responses 2.0" section, select the desired section. Press on;

2. Enter the email address of the employee you want to grant access to in the special field;

3. Select "Edit" or "Read Only" to define user permissions;

4. Click "Invite".

Ready! The employee whose email you entered has access to the Quick Responses section.


You can control and regulate employee access to your Quick Responses.

1. Click on the button;

2. Select users with which access rights you want to view;

3. If necessary, click on thebutton to deny the user access to the Quick Responses section;

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