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Sending a CRM document to the client's messenger

More information about Bitrix24 CRM documents

Automation rules - Send document CRM

Basic parameters Automation rules see here.

CRM document messanging

Additional automation rule fields:

  • CRM document ID;
  • file format (pdf or docx).
  • Asynchronous result - allows to get exact data about message sending. Read more in the article.
  • Add result to CRM card comments - Display message sending status.


Example of sending a CRM document

Let's assume that an accounting agency sends reports to clients every month. You need to create automation rules that will send out certificates and invoices automatically.

To solve the problem, configure:

  1. The automation rule that will create the invoices.
  2. Sending created invoices to clients via WhatsApp.
  3. The repetition of send every month.

The creation of the invoice

First, set up a standard Bitrix24 automation rule that will create invoices (CRM documents) based on a template. To do this:

  1. In the deal, open the automation rule editor and at the stage, for example, the invoice, click on the Add button.
  2. In the list that appears, click on the item For Employee → Creating a CRM Document.
  3. Fill in the automation rule parameters and save it. 

IMPORTANT! Be sure to check the Wait for PDF conversion to complete check box. This flag is required for sending the document to the client in WhatsApp correctly.

Sending the invoice to the client in WhatsApp

After the automation rule that creates the act, add the automation rule that this act will send. To do this:

  1. Click on the Add button and select Your automation rules → [ChatApp for WhatsApp] Send a message. For more information, see the section "Configuration the automation rules".
  2. Fill in the automation rules parameters: 

IMPORTANT! Necessarily:

  • select the check box after the previous automation rule, because you need to wait for the first robot to create a document before sending the report;
  • fill in the ID field of the created CRM Document. To do this, click on the three dots next to the field, enter "id" in the search bar and select the CRM document ID;
  • in the Format of the created CRM document drop-down list, select pdf.

For a detailed description of all parameters, see the section "Sending a message".

Repeat submission

Use recurring deals to automatically create and send out invoices every month. This is a standard Bitrix24 tool. For the procedure for creating a regular transaction, see the bitrix24 help.

In the example described, the transaction fields look like this:

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