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Send a join link to a group after it has been created

In Bitrix24 with ChatApp Automation Rules, you can create groups in WhatsApp and Telegram. When creating a group, you can specify members and add them immediately. You can also send an invitation link to join the group to your client's private messages.

Setting up Automation Rules

We will show how to send a join link to a client's private messages. We will need 2 Automation Rules: the "[ChatApp] - Create Group" Automation Rule and the "[ChatApp] - Send Message" Automation Rule.

1. Go to Bitrix24 and at the selected stage of the deal, create the "[ChatApp] - Create Group" Automation Rule. Configure according to the instructions provided in this link.

2. Create the "[ChatApp] - Send Message" Automation Rule in the same stage, below the "[ChatApp] - Create Group" Automation Rule.

3. In the "Send Message" corner of the automation rule, click the "Edit" button.

4. Configure the automation rule:

  • In the "Run" field, select "Immediately".
  • Tick the "after the previous automation rule" box
  • In the phone field, click on , use the search box and type "phone" and select "Contact: Phone(text)".

  • In the message field, click on the "Automation rules" tab, click on "[ChatApp for WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber] Create a group" and select "Link to invite to the group".

  • Select the "WhatsApp" channel.
  • Click "Save".

5. Click “Save”


  1. Create a deal and add a contact with a phone number to it.
  2. Drag the card to the automation rule stage of the deal.
  3. You will create a group and send an invitation to this group in private messages.

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