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Instagram channel connection

Use Instagram to communicate with clients, private messages and comments will be available in ChatApp Dialog.

By connecting Instagram to your line, you will get the advantage of being able to connect bots to conversations. Connect both ready-made bots and personal scripts in the bot designer to simplify communication with Instagram users.

To successfully connect, your Instagram page must be linked to Facebook Business Manager

1. Select "My Business" in your personal account in the left menu.

2. Select the line with the purchased Instagram channel.

3. Click the " Connect" button.

4. Click "Login with Facebook".

5. Select your Facebook profile or sign in using your username and password.

6. Select the company to which your Instagram business account is linked and click "Continue". You can select multiple companies.

7. Select the Facebook business page to which your Instagram business account is linked and click Continue. You can select multiple business pages.

8. Select the Instagram business account you are linking to and click "Continue". You can select multiple accounts at once.

9. Click "Save", wait a little while, and click "Done".

10. Select the Instagram account you want to connect to the line and click "Connect".


1. Instagram only supports the following file types:

  • Images: jpeg, gif, HEIC, png - up to 8 MB;
  • Audio: acc, m4a, wav - up to 25 MB;
  • Recommended video formats: mp4 and mov.

2. From Bitrix24 you cannot be the first to write to a client from Instagram - the dialogue can be continued only if the client of the social network himself initiated the communication;

3. You can respond to clients who wrote from Instagram only within a 24-hour window from the earlier message;

4. Comments left under the posts of the connected account come to Dialogs.pro, from where they can be answered.

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