Campaigns in Bitrix24 via messengers WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. ChatApp
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Campaigns in Bitrix24 via messengers WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Stages: Purchase a licenseConnecting messengers - Sending to Bitrix24

Configured in: Bitrix 24 portal - Marketing - SMS mailing

Available messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, WhatsApp Business API

Mailing can be carried out through Bitrix24 CRM marketing, in this regard, the tool is convenient because it allows you to segment audiences and carry out mailing to customers from CRM.

  • Create a mailing list in Bitrix24
  • Mailing account 
  • Whatsapp Business API (WABA) templates for mailing

Create a mailing list in Bitrix24

Has your portal Bitrix24 open the tab in the main menu Marketing.

Choose "SMS mailing", because mailing through the Messengers block in Bitrix works only for already open dialogs. Use "Messengers" only if you want to send mailings only to existing dialogs.

CRM marketing Bitrix24

Create or select a ready-made audience segment for the mailing.

In the send via service field, select ChatApp.

Send through the service

You must insert a message in the “sms text” field. The message can be plain text or a template (WABA).

If you are using the WhatsApp Business API, then you will need to prepare message templates for sending.

Mailing account

Several ChatApp accounts can be connected to Bitrix24, you need to install one of them for mailings.

In the channel settings, enable the option - Use an account for mailings

account for campaign

WhatsApp Business API (WABA) templates for mailing 

The WABA template can be copied from your personal account on the template moderation page.

  1. In the left menu of your personal account, select Channels (licenses), go to detailed channel settings
  2. go to detailed channel settings
  3. click templates (if WhatsApp business API option is enabled)

Templates WABA

In the list of templates, on each template there is a button “Template for mailing”. The mailing template contains a code, sending which through the WhatsApp (WABA) channel, in fact, the client receives not a code, but an encoded message text, so by inserting this template code into the mailing list, you send real messages to customers. 

template WABA

The copied WABA template code can be pasted into the SMS text field when creating a mailing list using the WABA channel.

Insert WABA to field SMS text