Messaging in Bitrix24 via WhatsApp, Telegram messengers, etc. / ChatApp
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Messaging in Bitrix24 via WhatsApp, Telegram messengers, etc.

Stages: Buying a licenseConnection of messengers - Messaging in Bitrix24

For set up go to: Bitrix24 portal - Marketing - SMS messaging

Available messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, WhatsApp Business API

Messaging may be arranged via CRM marketing of Bitrix24, in this respect it is a handy tool since it allows to slot audiences and perform messaging to clients from CRM.

  • Create a distribution list in Bitrix24.
  • Account for messaging
  • Pre-defined messages WhatsApp Business API (WABA) for messaging

Create a distribution list in Bitrix24

Open tab Marketing in main menu of your portal on Bitrix24.

Select “SMS messaging” since messaging via Messengers block of Bitrix24 works only with already opened dialogs. Use “Messengers” only in case you want to send messages only in existing dialogs.

CRM marketing Bitrix24

Create or select ready audience segment for messaging.

Select messenger [ChatApp for WhatsApp & Telegram] in the box “Send using”.

Send through the service

Enter your message to the box "SMS text”. Regular text or a pre-defined message (WABA) may be a message.

If you use WhatsApp Business API, then you’ll need to prepare pre-defined messages for messaging.

Account for messaging

The ChatApp connector can be used as an SMS mailing via messengers. The function is available for channels: Telegram, WhatsApp, WABA.

Several ChatApp accounts may be connected in Bitrix24, and one of them should be set for messaging.

Turn on “Use account to send messages via SMS provider” option in channel settings.

Templates of WhatsApp Business API (WABA) for messaging

The WhatsApp business API (WABA) template can be copied from your personal account on the template moderation page.

1. In the left menu of your personal account, select "My Business".

2. Click on the line to which the WhatsApp Business API is connected.

3. Click “Go to Templates”

In the templates list there is a button “Distribution template” on each template. Template message includes a code, which being sent via WhatsApp (WABA) channel, is received as a coded message text, so adding this code to the messaging you send real messages to the clients.

template WABA

Copied code of WABA pre-defined message could be pasted to “SMS text” box, when creating a distribution list using WABA channel.

Insert WABA to field SMS text

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