Remove a member from a group / ChatApp
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Robot to remove member from WhatsApp group

Robot [ChatApp] - Remove member from group automatically removes a specific user from the WhatsApp group.

Adding and configuring a robot for removing a member from a group

After the transaction reaches a certain stage, the robot will automatically remove the participant from the WhatsApp group.

  • Add a robot [ChatApp] - Remove a member from a group to a deal at a certain stage.
  • Specify the parameters of the robot:
    • Group ID - when adding a group, the WhatsApp Group id field will appear in the card
    • Member phones - phone number of the user to be removed from the group chat.
    • License ID - Specify ChatApp license ID. If you leave the field blank if you have only one license.
    • Run as - specify an employee who has access to contacts, leads or deals.

Notification settings

Add the standard Bitrix24 "Notification" robot and receive notifications about the successful removal of a member from the group. You can also find out about the error that occurred during the removal.