Bot reaction to keys

Bot reaction to keys

The priority of answering keys is the highest so that the bot can answer the key at any stage of the dialogue: open or closed, the stage of collecting ratings or outside the work schedule. When using the key, bypassing everything gives a message to this command (key) without checking the working time, without opening and closing the dialogue.

In order for the algorithm to start working, you need to set the appropriate settings in your ChatApp account. Enter the key to which the answer will go, indicate the answer and select which messages the bot will respond to (incoming and / or outgoing).

  • Go to your ChatApp personal account and select "Bot" in the left side menu.
  • In the settings of your personal account, you need to configure the block "Setting for bot reactions to keys (key phrases/ command)"
    • Actions - “Turn on”
    • Actions - "Add key"

Any key can be used, for example, set to a greeting, to the company name, to incoming calls, etc.


Key example call-miss

When a client tries to call, but calls are not received, then a message is sent automatically (answer to a key phrase), it is possible to configure it for incoming and / or outgoing messages:


It is possible to use regular expressions in the key, for example, .telegram. - search in the entire text of the word 'telegram'. If you have knowledge in this area, you can use regular expressions in the settings of this block (enter the expression in the appropriate field).

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