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Create WABA template


Attention! Before sending a message template for moderation, you must select the correct category, this affects the success of moderation.

Technical requirements

  • Don't use URL shorteners like, tinyurl, etc. - all because WhatsApp suspects that they might obscure the link's true destination;
  • Use variable parameters correctly (for example {{1}}, {{2}} ) - two curly braces on the right and left. Watch your writing grammar. FB can return the pattern if it sees grammar or punctuation errors;
  • The language of the message content must correspond to the selected language when sending the template for moderation - you can't indicate that this is an English message template, but write the text in Russian;
  • If you want to add media to your template, then the media type must also be selected before sending for approval: image (JPG / PNG) or document (PDF). It is impossible to reconcile templates with both the image and the document. You do not need to reconcile the images and files themselves, but you must attach a sample of the files to be sent.

A list of all restrictions is here

Create message template

To create a WhatsApp Business API template, go to the Licenses tab in your personal account and click detail:

Click on the templates button:

Click on the top right button on the create template button, you will see a form:

Go to create:

  1. Enter the name of the template here.
  2. Enter the name of the item in Latin. The element name can be anything, but at the same time it is unique within the application.
  3. Write the text you want to send to your client.
    • In the template, you can specify variables by writing in the text "{{1}}", "{{2}}" 
      For example: "If you have any questions, please call "{{1}}" 
      You fill in this variable with the phone number when you submit the template.
  4. You can specify the buttons that your client can click on. This can be done in different ways:
    • You can customize the "Good" and "Bad" buttons for a quick response from your client To do this, in the text of the template, specify the names of the buttons in square brackets For example: Please rate the quality of the service. | [Good] | [Bad]
    • You can customize the buttons that your customer can click on to go to the site or get a phone number To do this, click "Add button", specify the name of the button, write the value - site or phone number. Next, select the button type 
  5. Select a template category, learn more about categories here
  6. Choose a template type
  7. Specify the language, click the create button

Interactive massage templates

Interactive multiple choice templates are specified in square brackets:

For example, Please rate the quality of service. | [Good] | [Badly]

Interactive templates with call buttons: Phone or website address

Note - Interactive messages with buttons are sent by template messages only

Emoji in template

Emoji can be copied from resources:

Sample templates