How to collect UTM-tags through a widget on the website / ChatApp
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How to collect UTM-tags through a widget on the website

Tutorial “How to collect UTM tags in CRM using the ChatApp widget”

UTM-tags are a parameter added to a link and used to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and website traffic. This extremely useful analytics tool shows you whether your advertising budget is paying off.

Through the Chatapp widget, you can collect UTM-tags and send information to your personal account about the Internet resource from which the client came.

IMPORTANT: prepared text can only be installed through channels:

  • WhatsApp;
  • Viberbot;
  • TelegramBot can't send a prepared text, only ClientID

You cannot send a prepared text to other channels.

Examples of links with text:

  • WhatsApp -! My application number {clientId}
  • ViberBot - viber://pa?chatURI=chatapp&text=Hello! My application number {clientId}
  • TelegramBot -{clientId}

Identifier is required

You can collect UTM-tags in CRM via messengers if the identifier is in the message.

You can only send an Identifier to WhatsApp, ViberBot, and TelegramBot.

Setting up a widget for a website

When creating a widget, check the Send UTM-tags box.

You can see all events related to the transition and click on the buttons of the widget in your account in the UTM-tags section.

Select the created widget and load the result:

Get information about: when and from which page the user followed the link to our page and what device he used.

In WhatsApp and ViberBot, when setting up a widget, be sure to specify the {clientId} parameter in the body of the message:

When you click on the messenger icon in the widget, the client will send a message with an identifier that encrypts all received information and sends it to CRM.

If the ClientID is specified in the client's messages, then the system will save the tags from the site to CRM. However, if the identifier is not specified in the message, the tags will be saved only in the personal account, without being linked to the CRM card.


There is no prepared message in TelegramBot. In this case, at the end of the link, you need to specify an additional parameter ?start={clientId}.


Setting up tags in CRM

Through the widget, you can get standard UTM-tags for CRM, which are transferred to the regular fields of the entity:

utm_source - Advertising system (Yandex-Direct, Google-Adwords, and others.)

utm_medium - Traffic type CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per mile)

utm_campaign - Identifies a specific product promotion or strategic campaign.

utm_content - Identifies what specifically was clicked to bring the user to the site, such as a banner ad or a text link. It is often used for A/B testing and content-targeted ads.

utm_term – Identifies campaign search terms.

Also, if necessary, you can save any custom UTM-tags in CRM to indicate information that is not included in the standard set of default tags.

Tags available in the widget:

widgetId - Widget ID.

clientId - Client ID.

referrer - Url from where the client went to the landing page.

url - Url from where the client went to the messenger through the widget.

device - Client device (mobile|desktop).

event - The event made by the client (click).

messenger - Which messenger (icon) the client clicked on.

gaId - ID of the Google Analytics counter.

ymId - ID of the Yandex.Metrica counter.

roistat - Roistat counter code (roistat visit parameter value from browser cookie).

In Bitrix24, tags are embedded in Lead, Deal, Contact, and Company.

When receiving a message containing tags and ClientId. The tags are transferred to the cards of the entities with which the open line chat is currently associated.

For standard tags, regular fields already exist, you do not need to create them additionally.

For third-party tags, like our widget, you will need to create new fields:

Go to CRM -> CRM Settings -> Forms and Reports Settings -> Custom Fields.

Next, click Add field for the required entity (Lead, Deal, Contact, Company)

In the form for adding a field, fill in the Name according to the rule: ca_tag_name.

ca_ is the field prefix, it is required. You can't do without it.

The roistat tag is not affected by the rule with the prefix. For the roistat tag, the name of the custom field must be specified without the ca_ prefix.

Regular and custom fields are available in Bitrix24 CRM analytics.

Tags are added to new leads that are in the pipeline at the Incoming Leads.

In the lead itself, the label is located in the Stats tab. And by clicking on the Setup tab, you can add fields for additional tags, such as information from the widget.

Next to the standard tags, at the very bottom, an additional field has been added that accepts information about the client's device - device:

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