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Automation using ChatApp robots in Bitrix24

ChatApp automation rules are capable of performing a variety of tasks: from sending files and documents to changing the name of a chat and setting a dialog label in a single messenger window.
More about Bitrix24 automation rules

  • To open the page with automation ruless, go to the Bitrix24 portal and select "CRM" in the side menu. Then click on the "automation rules" button on the right side.

Adding a new automation rule:

  • To add a new automation rule, click on the "+" button in the selected stage on the "Automation rules and triggers" page.
  • ChatApp automation rules are located in the "Custom automation rules" tab in the drop-down list.

Main ChatApp Bots:

  1. Send a message to the messenger at a certain stage of the deal;
  2. Send template message WhatsApp Business API;
  3. Send file from the Bitrix24 drive;
  4. Send document created in CRM;
  5. Phone check - determines if there is a messenger on the client's phone number;
  6. Adding dialog labels - automates the process of setting and removing interactive chat labels;
  7. Chat rename - change the chat name.

automation rules for working with groups in messengers:

ChatApp automates work with groups in WhatsApp or Telegram messengers using separate automation rules that allow you to:

  1. Create a group in WhatsApp or Telegram with the necessary contacts;
  2. Add a member to the group at a certain stage of the transaction;
  3. Send a message to a group - text or with an attached document created in CRM;
  4. Send a file to a group from the Bitrix24 disk;
  5. Automatically delete group created earlier.

Features of using automation rules:

  • automation rules are available only on Bitrix24 commercial plans;
  • The automation rule is launched when CRM enters the stage of working with it.
  • You can copy, move, delete and modify automation rules.
  • Each automation rule is capable of performing only one action, but you can put multiple automation rules in one stage and configure them so that actions are performed one after another within the process.
  • Most automation rules need to be set up and enter data into the main fields.
  • It is necessary to carefully check which contacts are transferred to the automation rule;
  • The result of the automation rule's work is displayed in the commentary of the CRM card. If you cannot understand the reasons for not sending messages, then see the comments of the automation rule;
  • Carefully check the conditions for the execution of automation rules.
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