Messengers in one window

Messengers in one window

ChatApp WEB is a tool that combines all incoming calls and dialogs of all instant messengers in one window.
ChatApp WEB can be used without connected CRM systems together with employees of your company.

Tools to improve your work:


  • To use ChatApp WEB, go to your Personal Account and click on the "Open Chat" button in the side menu.
  • Select a channel with connected messengers.
window messengers

All messengers in one window.

Segmentation of customers into categories. Tags.

Business chat in a mobile application.

Write first by Username

To be the first to start a dialogue with a client through the Telegram messenger, open ChatApp WEB in your Personal Account or download the mobile application.

  • In the top menu, next to the search field, click on the "Add contact" (+) button.
  • In the new window, enter @Username of the Telegram user you want to start a conversation with and click on the "Continue" button.

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