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About ChatApp Dialog

All clients in a single window

ChatApp Dialog is a service that combines communication with customers from different instant messengers, social networks and CRM into a single window. Allows you to respond to user requests in a single interface. This standalone application can be used without integration into CRM systems. Maintain a high level of service with the help of employee performance analytics.

Some statistics

Data from research by Hubspot, Invesp and The Rockefeller Foundation:

60% of clients want to contact the sales team at the stage of considering options.

35-50% of sales go to the company that responds first.

68% of existing clients leave simply because they are not remembered in time!

Automatic welcome messages will help you respond to new customers instantly, while chatbots with machine learning function automate the work of technical support and the sales department, freeing operators’ time for more important tasks.

You can take care of the client by creating automatic answer buttons.

Not to get confused in a large flow of customers, in ChatApp you can: assign responsible and attach interactive tags. And at the end of the dialogue, the bot will request feedback.

Stay in touch with your client, even leaving your workplace via a mobile application for IOS and Android. How to start communicating in a mobile application — read the article.

Where to begin

1. Go to ChatApp Dialog.

2. Log in to your account or register.

3. Connect the channels you need, for example, TelegramWhatsApp or Vkontakte.

4. Invite employees and create roles for them.

5. Start receiving the first requests from customers in a single window.

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