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Basic concepts and terms


Dialogflow is a cloud service by Google. The service allows creating chat bots that can recognize text and voice, and then generate a response using the neural networks.


ChatApp is an app that establishes a connection between the WhatsApp account of your company and the Bitrix24 corporate portal. That way your employees can communicate with customers using familiar chats in Bithrix24. At the same time, customers receive messages in WhatsApp, which is more convenient for them.

Open channels

Open Channels is a mechanism used by ChatApp to exchange messages between WhatsApp and Bitrix24. Open Channels are designed to do the following:

  • Collect messages that customers send to your company on the website, in the social networks, and using the instant messengers.
  • Distribute received messages among employees of your company.
  • Save customers’ contacts and correspondence in CRM Bitrix24.


Webhook is a mechanism that informs a system about an event occurred in another system.


A robot is a predetermined algorithm that determines how leads and transactions are processed. Bitrix24 runs the algorithm when the element’s status changes to the required one.

Personal Account

Section on the site accessible to the user after authorization under his username and password