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Pin a dialogue to an employee

When the operator ends the shift, and the client's problem has not yet been resolved, the dialogue will automatically be redistributed among the operators on the line. This happens if the issue takes more than one day to resolve. But sometimes it is necessary to pin a dialogue to a specific employee, for example, this is relevant for sales departments. Nobody wants to find out that a colleague closed your deal. So, ChatApp implements the ability to pin dialogues to an employee.

Relevant for companies that have auto-distribution configured

How to pin a dialogue

1. Go to ChatApp Dialog and select a dialog.

2. Make sure that you are responsible for it, otherwise the method will not work.

3. Send the /pinresponsible or /pin command to the chat to pin the dialogue to yourself.

  • To unpin a dialog, send the command /unpinresponsible or /unpin
  • So far, it will not work to secure another employee other than yourself. But we are working on it.
  • The person responsible for the dialogue is detached when the dialogue is manually transferred to another employee.
  • Estimates do not change, all feedback is retained by the assigned employee.

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