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Viber connection

Before channel connection you need to install Viber application to your smartphone or PC, create Viber bot and add security token of this bot.

How to create a bot and get token

1. Go to Viber website https://partners.viber.com/ and enter a phone number to which your Viber account is registered. Press Login

2. A verification code will be sent to a phone number specified in Viber application. Enter in the box and press Next.

3. In Create account section press Create bot account button to create a bot.

4. Fill in all the fields, tick location on the map and set account skin image. Then press Create button

  • Account Image – bot icon, 400х400 px;
  • Account Name – bot name, as displayed in client's Viber;
  • Uri – description in a bot link as follows: viber://pa?chatURI = your URI,
    for example, URI of our service = chatapp-24 and link to Viber dialog viber://pa?chatURI=chatapp-24;
  • Category and Subcategory – company’s category and subcategory;
  • Language – language;
  • Description – description of a bot;
  • Website Address – company’s web-site address (not necessarily);
  • Email Address – company’s email;
  • Location – your location on map;
  • The account contains adult content – set in case of adult content;
  • I hereby agree to the Viber Terms and Policies, including the Viber Developer Terms of Service – a form of consent with license agreement.
  • I acknowledge and agree that Viber will be entitled to charge me based on its chatbot commercial model - a form of consent with a payment policy.
  • I acknowledge and agree to comply with the Google Pay API Terms of Service (for Developers that implement the Google Pay API) - a form of consent with a Google Pay license agreement.

5. In the window that appears, click "Copy" next to the individual token to copy it - it will be required to connect the account to ChatApp.

6. Then go to Viber bot channel setup in My Business section of ChatApp

Viber connection in My Account of ChatApp

To receive and answer the messages in Viber after registration in ChatApp you need to purchase a line with Viber bot channel and set up the bot connection:

1. Go to My Business. Click on the line box.

2. Click "connect to the right of Viber icon.

3. Enter the "Bot Token" and "Sender Name".

4. Once successfully connected, the sender name and bot token will be displayed. There will also be an option to disable the Viber Bot.

5. Messages sent by Viber Bot will be displayed in ChatApp Dialog as well.

Viber integration to CRM

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