How to get the status of an official business account ChatApp
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How to get the status of an official business account

How to get a confirmed checkmark? How will my name be displayed to end users? 

A green tick / verified tick is a checkmark approved by WhatsApp if an authentic, notable brand owns the account. As WhatsApp says, very few businesses will be official business accounts and the approval depends on multiple factors including - notable brand and high messaging volume. Read more

It basically means getting an "official business account". This feature is not available directly in our portal as this is a manual process of requesting to WhatsApp/Facebook for making your business account 'official'. We can initiate this process for any app on request if the app meets the below criteria -

  1. App has more than 50 users
  2. App has crossed 500 incoming message volume

Your Display name will show differently to your end users depending on whether your account is a Business account or an Official business account.

You can apply for confirmation of the status of an official account here