Phone check
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Phone checking robot

The "Phone Check" robot allows you to check in which messenger the client's phone number is registered, and in combination with other robots, you can set up seamless messaging.


On licenses with WhatsApp Business Api (WABA) connected, it is not possible to run phone number verification.

Adding and configuring a phone verification bot

  • Add a new bot named [ChatApp] Phone Check.
  • In the robot settings menu, enter the contact details for verification. Adding numbers can be configured from the "Deals" section.
  • Specify the channel with which the robot will interact - WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • Click on the "Save" button.

Sending up message settings

  • Add a Phone Verification Robot.
  • Below add [ChatApp] Send WhatsApp message and [ChatApp] Send Telegram message.
  • Specify the condition "Number verification result", fill in the contact details and enter a message to send.
  • Check the box "After the previous robot".
  • Finally, you can add a "Send Results Notification" Robot.

This item is optional, but the Notification Robot will be able to sort the results of sending and tell you which messenger this or that message went to.

  • In the settings of the Robot "Notification of the results of sending", you must specify the Condition - Y or N. That is, report a positive result of sending through the selected channel or report a negative result.

Thus, after collecting the entire chain of Robots, the message will be delivered to the phone number in WhatsApp or Telegram, which will be reported in the Notifications of the results of sending.

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