How to send a template with WhatsApp Business API variables in Altegio / ChatApp
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How to send a template with WhatsApp Business API variables in Altegio

Before sending a template, check that your WhatsApp Business API channel is connected and templates with variables created. When you are sure that everything is ready, follow the procedure:

1) Go to your Altegio account.

2) From the menu on the left, open the "Integrations" section.

3) In the Integrations menu, click "Installed".

4) Select ChatApp and go to the "Settings" tab.

5) Select the line to which WABA is connected.

6) Tap the icon next to the desired integration.

7) The green "ON" button should light up next to "WhatsApp Business API". 

8) Left-click on "WhatsApp Business API" and drag it to the top of the "Messenger" list. Save the changes.

9) In the left menu, click "WABA templates".

10) In the window that appears, select a line and click "Get a list of templates".

11) Select a template with variables in the "Templates" field.

12) Fill in the variables and click "Generate".

13) Copy the resulting code.

14) In the menu on the left, click on "Clients", and in the drop-down window click on "Client base".

15) Click on the customer's name you wish to send the message to.

16) In the opened window, click on "Send Message" in the left menu.

17) In the "Send method" field, select "Send SMS". The ChatApp integration uses this method to send messages to messengers.

18) In the message input field, insert the copied code. 

19) Press "Send".

Go to the "Sent messages" tab. If the sending of the message was successful, the "Status" column will read "Sent" or "Read" if the customer has already received and read the message.

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