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Bitrix24 widget does not go to Telegram chat

Step 1. Check Bitrix24 connector settings

  • It is necessary to check the correctness of entering the phone number in WhatsApp in the format 74952550620
  • For Telegram, check the number in the format +74952550620 or username.
  • For Bot, check username or URL.

Follow instructions on how to set up the connector

Step 2: Sometimes Bitrix24 does not delete the cache because of this, the widget may not work. To remove it manually try the following:

    1. Use the Search Bar, and write in “Widget”. In Menu Items select “Website Widget”

    2. Click Edit -> Turn off the channel you are having problems with -> Save

    3. Click Edit again -> Enable this channel -> Save

    4. Turn Off and Turn On the Widget

Changes to the widget will be applied in a minute. Wait a minute, reload the page and click on the desired channel in the widget.

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