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Block Send Message*

This block is only used in Hook type scripts (Incoming Webhooks). It can be recognised by the asterisk character at the end. You need to add the "ChatID" variable to it, select the line and messenger, so the bot can initiate a dialog with the client.

The "Send message*" block can't be called independent, because you need to substitute the chat_id variable in it, which will contain the phone number, username or e-mail of the client to whom you want to send a message. It is used only together with the "Incoming webhook" block, which is able to receive and transfer information about the client.

Configuring the "Send message" block

1. Create the "Incoming webhook" block;

2. Copy the link from the block;

3. Substitute the required parameters into the link after the token. Parameters are separated by “&” sign;

For example: https://devconstructorbot.chatapp.online/api/request/get/?token= token is generated by itself &chat_id= client's phone number &id= card ID;

4. Create fields and write in them the parameters you added to the link;

If you take the link from the example in the previous paragraph, you need to create 2 fields and enter "chat_id" in the first one and "id" in the second one;

5. Add a block "Send message*";

6. In "ChatID" select "chat_id";

7. Select the line from which you want to send the message;

8. Select the messenger;

9. Enter the name of the script;

10. Click "Save" and "Publish";

11. Now you need to go to the service that will send the request and configure the outgoing webhook in it. The configuration process may vary from service to service. For an example, see our article "Bitrix24 Webhook".

Sending a file

By clicking "Attach File" at the bottom of the block you can send a text or document to the client. Detailed instructions in the article "Sending a file by URL".

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