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Pay for multiple lines automatically

To make payment for multiple lines, you can top up your company's wallet and set up autopayment. Here's how to do it:

1. Create a company and fill in the details.

1. Go to your personal account and select "My Business" from the left sidebar menu.

2. Click on "Change Company" and in the pop-up window, select "Create a New Company."

3. Choose the country of the company.

4. For a legal entity, add the Tax Identification Number (INN). If the number is entered correctly, the address, type, and name of the company will be automatically displayed. For an individual, enter the name and address of the company.

5. Select the time zone and set up the working hours.

6. Click "Save."

7. Click on the "Bank Details" tile.

8. Fill in the bank details.

Detailed instructions can be found in the articles "Creating a Company" and "Company Details" or you can watch a video tutorial.

2. Go to the company. In the left menu, click on "My Business" and then click on the tile with the company name.

3. On the opened page, click on "Top up balance"

4. If you are a legal entity, you can select the payment method as "Invoice."

Once the funds are credited to the company's wallet, the payment amount will be displayed.

5. Go back to the "My Business" section and click on "Buy Line."

6. During the payment process, check the box for "Automatic Payment."

7. Choose the payment method as "From account of (company name)."

Important: No closing documents are issued for topping up the company's wallet. After making payment for the lines through an invoice, card, or from the company's wallet, you can request an invoice for the completed work.

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