Configuring employee access to the line in Kommo / ChatApp
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Configuring employee access to the line in Kommo

To configure employee access to a line (license) in Kommo, you need to:

  1. Create roles for employees in Kommo.
  2. Buy a license and connect instant messengers in your ChatApp account.
    Link roles to connected licenses in the “Settings” → “ Settings ChatApp” section, in the access control block:

Right there in the table below, you can grant access to each of the created roles to connected licenses and messengers.

If you have many employees assigned to a specific role, link their licenses to that role. For example, technical support for your company.

If, on the contrary, each employee must perform different work, create roles suitable for the tasks and link the licenses of these workers to the roles.

4. You also have the opportunity to pull up the settings for employee roles, with licenses attached to them, from your personal ChatApp account.

To set up access rights in your personal account - read the guides on setting up the rights and roles of employees and granting them access to lines in your personal account - in our knowledge base.

In order to link the access settings to channels from your personal account to amoCRM - in the Channel Access Control section, turn on the toggle switch - Settings from your personal account.

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