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Widget Closing a dialog

Using the script editor, you can automate the closing of a dialog when a card is moved to a new stage, for example when you close a deal. To configure it, follow the two steps below.

Step 1: Configure the ChatApp bot

First, you need to teach the bot to close the dialog on a command that is not visible to the client.

1. Create and activate the bot;

2. Go to the script editor;

3. Add a block "Reaction to a phrase";

4. Select the reaction to outgoing messages;

5. Enter "/closechat" in the "Key" field;

6. Create a "Close Dialog" block and link it to the "Reaction to Phrase" block;

7. Link the "Start Block" to at least one other block besides the ones you just created. Without this, you won't be able to save the script: the bot won't know which block to start with if a client writes to the chat;

8. Give the script a name;

9. Click "Save" and "Publish".

Step 2: Configure Salesbot in kommo

Teach Salesbot to send the /closechat command to the customer dialogue when a card is moved to the right stage of the funnel.

1. Log in to Kommo;

2. Open the pipeline where you have to close the dialog when you move a card;;

3. At the top right, click "AUTOMATE";

4. Select the desired stage of the pipeline and click on "Add Trigger";

5. Click on "Salesbot" and select "+ Create a new bot";

6. Click on the "+" sign and on the page that opens, click on the "Widgets" bar;

7. Select "ChatApp for WhatsApp and Telegram" → "Send message" (If you don't have this widget, check the connection of ChatApp integration to Kommo);

8. Select the line and messenger. In the message text, type only the /closechat command;

8. In the "Contact selection" column, put "Main contact".

9. On the top right, click "Save"

Now, when you move the card to the stage with the automation rule, it will write the command "/closechat" in the chat and the ChatApp bot will close the dialog. The client will not see the command.

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